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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt

Recent Photos

Akka History Books

This four-flap accordion book has pictures of some of the buildings in Akka.

I use red construction paper ("Tru-Ray" brand folds well without cracking. But you could also use 11x17 brights from your local print shop.)

The photos on the download page are in color, but when I work with a large group, I use black and white copies to save money.

Each page flips up to reveal a quotation about Akka, and a story about the Holy Family during their years in that city.

The Akka downloads include enough stories and photos to make multiple books and design a series of history lessons on the years spent in Akka. For each lesson, I focus on one part of the Akka story--for example: the arrival in Akka. I like to read the recollections of The Greatest Holy Leaf, which can be found in "The Master in Akka" by Myron H. Phelps.

With young children, I use the Ribbon Accordion book structure, and the children choose one story page, 1-2 photos, and a quotation or prayer, with the map pocket in the back centerfold.

This is a also a wonderful project to use with Ruhi Book four.

In the back center-fold, a small pocket holds a folded surprise.

Simple labels are attached to front and back covers.

The pocket holds a folded maze-map of the city of Akka. Each building on the map that corresponds to the numbered photos and stories. List of building names is located on right hand page. Small flowers (cut from a seed catalogue) decorate the pocket.

These materials were adapted from a lesson found in the Teacher's Toolbox on the National Education Website.

Close-up of the front cover.

Click here to download pdf instructions for making the Four-Flap Book

Walled City Project

Click here to see the walled city project that I created for a workshop at the Baha'i Center in Bermuda.