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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt

Recent Photos

Bi-Lingual English-Chinese Book Project

I recently completed a two year residency project at the Pioneer Valley Chinese Language Immersion Charter School in Hadley MA. Students in each of the classrooms created illustrated books that showcased their literacy skills in two languages. Each grade level built a different book structure and teachers chose a variety of themes to integrate curriculum units. At the end of the project, books were on display at the George Walter Vincent Smith Museum in Springfield, during a family festival. The project was funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Assorted book structures

book display at Museum


Kindergarten classes created books about the life-cycle of butterflies and frogs. Each page of their "brook book" was torn at the top and colored with pastel to create the waves of water. Four page spreads followed the life-cycle in words and pictures. The final page contained an author blurb. The books were bound with bamboo skewers and rubber bands.

bamboo and rubber band binding

waves in the "brook book"



Grade One

First grade classes retold a Chinese folk tale called Hou Ye and the Ten Suns. Books had side-stitched Chinese bindings and rubber stamped covers. Books contained a title page, 4 page-spreads,

stamped covers and an author blurb.

Chinese folk tale

author blurb

Grade Two

The Second grade class created an accordion book with pop-up images on each page. Children compared themselves to various animals and drew delightful images. Books were displayed stretched out, or tied in a circular star-format. Covers had paw-prints.

Amazing Animals" books with colorful paw-print covers

pop-up accordion pages

book displayed as a star

"I am like a monkey. I love to eat bananas."

Grade Three

The third grade class combined math concepts and art history to create books filled with geometric watercolor paintings inspired by the work of four famous artists (Mondrian, Klee, Picasso and O'Keefe). Paintings explored concepts such as "perimeter", "circumference", and "rotation symmetry". Books opened in the center to a four-page spread of colorful tangran designs, and closed with button and string.

button and string books

geometric designs inspired by Mondrian

geometric shapes are drawn and measured

author blurb contains a self-portrait

tangram designs

Grade Six

Grade six students each did a research project on China. Using the same book structure as grade 3, they filled their books with information and pictures that told about a different aspect of Chinese culture. Chinese characters, spelling "China" were on the covers, and an assortment of creative images unfolded in the large center pages.

Chinese characters on the cover

books on display

Chinese celebrations with a dragon pop-up

Chinese culture

painting of the Great Wall