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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt

Recent Photos

Personal Milestones Project

Longmeadow High School, Fall 2008

Graduating High School seniors used text and images to create books that looked back over the personal milestones in their life, and looked forward to imagine their future. Students created colorful cut-paper collages to recall memories, events, and the process of personal transformation. The center pages of the book lift up to reveal a "future flap", which contains a visual reflection on their own future. A lesson using Molly Bang's book (Picture This: How Pictures Work) offered added insight into how to use shapes and colors to express emotions. Below, a transfer student with pink hair tells her story of making friends in a new school...

" When I arrived, I felt like a fruit loop in a bowl of cheerios..."

"I wanted to fit in with the crowd..."

"a few friends began to understand my pinkness..."

"a best friend emerged and we learned about diversity..."

"I'll be taking my pinkness with me, as I meet the blank slate of college..."