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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt

Recent Photos

Samples of Student Artwork

The house book is folded from one sheet of paper. This makes it perfect for classroom publishing. Additional pages can be added.

Illustrations of furniture are added to create the interior of the house. Students are asked to make a drawing of objects found in the home during their interview sessions.

Four outer panels are decorated to look like the exterior of house and yard. Corner connector piece can be seen lower left.

Four inner panels of the house book are used for front and back matter: title page, dedication, and brief paragraphs about the person they interviewed, the country they came from and about themselves as author/artist.

Analysis of picture-book art helped students learn to use illustrations to tell their story.

Mailbox-shaped pocket is attached to a road book panel. Inside is an imaginary love letter. The woman who was interviewed told a story about two friends from her teen years who were forbidden by their parents to see each other. She had acted as postman and delivered secret letters between the lovers.

Pages of a house book were glued to look like a refrigerator door. Text of poem reads: "My heart is in the freezer." From the life story of a Palestinian refugee, based on an interview conducted by a Jewish student.

A road book is decorated to look like a traditional Chinese painting. Text reads: "I am from moving to Vietnam to escape communism / Only to find war and chaos / Seeing bombs that kill billions / Seeing firecrackers in my eyes." From the life story of a woman born in China.