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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt


Here's what people are saying about Jeannie's workshops:

I loved this workshop! I'm still talking about it...Jeannie?s classroom looked like a virtual Santa's workshop of bookmaking...piles of papers in every color and texture?baskets of beads and buttons, and ribbons and strings...lots of different printed clip art and stamps with ink?the books are gorgeous. Jeannie didn't just show us how to make them...she told us where to get the materials cheaply, what kinds of papers we were dealing with, what type of projects they worked best for...she suggested ages and themes and actual materials set ups for different book projects...she gave us handouts, a dozen at least, so we could remember in say, 3 months or 6 months or a year how to make an exploding map book or a nature journal?I've made books with kids twice now? It takes a little time and patience but the payoff is huge: the kids?loved the experience and were so proud of the books they created.

—Ann Langone, (Grad Student, Simmons College, GSLIS-School Library Teacher Program)

Jeannie Hunt's workshops take us beyond the basic book to a place where we can play imaginatively with the material and shape of ideas. Kids were buzzing. And so were the adult volunteers!

—Sharon Shaloo (Executive Director, Massachusetts Center for the Book)

Children and parents were talking about this program all summer. Highly recommended!

—Rebecca Brady (Librarian, Pelham Free Library)

Jeannie Hunt was terrific! She had an impressive collection of materials that depicted the history of book making. She presented them in an interactive way and the kids were interested and excited. Her activities were fun, accessible and cool!

—Alfie Alschuler (Teacher, Poet Seat High School, Greenfield MA)

Your passion for books spread like fire through the children.

—Paula Yolles (Teacher, Hilltown Charter School, Williamsburg, MA, Picture Book Residency)

I?m so glad you taught us how to make books. I will pass it down my family. I love making books because it?s so fun!!

—Tess (Student, grade 2/3, Hilltown Charter School)

As we were involved in the workshop, I found myself thinking of all the different areas in the classroom I could use this? Every teacher could use this creative tool to support the concepts in their classrooms.

—Teacher, Middletown, NY