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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt

Recent Photos

Jeannie's Family Folklore Gallery

Sweet Journey

Sweet Journey is a car-shaped book about our family vacations to visit my grandparents in Canada.

My dad takes a nap in the back of our station wagon.

e stop for a picnic lunch.

The Ice Cream Man

The Ice Cream Man is a story about my dad and his fat black briefcase.

In the morning, he packs his lunch in a Friendly's ice cream bag.

After work, he unpacks butter crunch ice cream from the same bag.

While we wait for dinner, my dad tells us stories about the Ice Cream Man.

Cut and Fold Origami Books

Memories of my neighborhood and skating in my backyard.

Designed, illustrated, and printed on my Mac.

My brother helps me climb a tree.

My dad teaches me to ice skate.

Raking leaves, and a fantastic tale about my nephew TJ and his pollywogs.

Laser printed.