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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt

Recent Photos

Guatemala Gallery

In 1998 a study grant took me to Guatemala for the sole purpose of being immersed in the indigenous arts and crafts. Below are paintings, sketches from my travel journals and the artist books that I completed when I returned home.

Travel Journal

Traditional Mayan Textiles

Learning about Weaving

Beating the cotton fibers

Spinning the soft fibers into thread

(me in the middle)

Weaving Lesson on a backstrap loom

Sketches from my journal:

Watercolor studies of traditional textiles:

Book Arts

From a children's story about my travels:

Travel Books:

Suitcase Books

Image of traditional embroidery bird on cover

Book opens to reveal suitcase pockets

with mini-books

Travel Pack Books

Folded paper wallet with travel journal, passport, map,and photo album.

Close-up of Map (village of Panajachel)

Weaving Books

Backstrap Loom Book

Dedicated to Ixchel, the Mayan Goddess of weaving

Belt Book

Accordion book with pop-up cuts

Pop-up "Museum Book"

Book unfolds to reveal 4 galleries with a story about a young girl and her mom weaving

 Galleries shown from above

1. I wake up to the sound of Mama's singing as she slaps the fat tortillas for our breakfast.

2. I give Mama some fluffy cotton and she spins it on her magic malacate, making long soft threads.1. I wake up to the sound of Mama's singing as she slaps the fat tortillas for our breakfast.

3. I help Mama set up her loom. She straps it around her back and weaves a rainbow of colors.

4. We leave early the next morning. It will be a long day of buying and selling in the market.