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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt

Recent Photos

Loupe Looking

Take a closer look!

Loupe-looking brings art and science together and gives us a window into the hidden beauty of our world. Using 5X jeweler's loupes, we will "zoom in" and explore household items and objects from the natural world and then make notes and drawings in our journals. We will ask the questions: What do your see? What does it remind you of? Our answers will form the basis for poems about what we see

Journal page showing a loupe and a roadside flower.

Loupe-drawing on the right is a close-up view of the same flower shown in my journal page above (using one loupe).

Garden flower.

Same garden flower in my journal using 2 loupes. On the right are my notes for the question: "What does it remind you of?"

Close-up drawings of one bud from the cluster and leaf stems.