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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt

Accordion Prayer Books

This 4-fold accordion book has 4 panels on the front, and two on the back where you can attach prayers and decorations with a glue-stick. Add photos, symbols, decorative papers and pictures of flowers cut from a seed catalogue.

Cardstock covers, slightly larger than the page size, are attached on each end. A ribbon is attached under the front cover, to tie the book closed.

A prayer pocket is attached to the back, using double-stick tape on 3 edges. Write a person's name or an issue you want to pray for on a small strip of paper and keep it in your prayer pocket. Add nine-pointed stars to adorn each cover. A perfect gift for a home visit to study a prayer.

Visit the Baha'i Downloads page for instructions, prayers, quotes, and photos.