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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt

Recent Photos

Twig-Binding Prayer Books

This simple prayer book is held together with a twig and a rubber band. Two holes are punched in each sheet of paper, along the spine fold, and the rubber band is fed through the holes and wrapped around the twig.

The cover medallion was made with two circles of paper, a 9-pointed star rubber stamp, colored pencils, acrylic gold paint (applied with a Q-tip stick with the fluff removed) and a finishing layer of acrylic gloss medium.

Each book has a card-stock cover, a colored end-sheet for decorations or photos, and 2-3 sheets of white paper for your prayers and quotations.

Notice how small pieces of decorative papers can add color and design possibilities. A book plate, made on my computer, has a space to write your name.

Prayers or memorization quotes from your Ruhi books can be added to each page.

Here you can see the rubber band at the center of the book.

Colored end-sheets are a great place for photos or a special artwork. A wonderful opportunity to have a conversation with children about how to display the Greatest Name and pictures of the Holy Family with reverance and dignity.

Write down your special prayers, and keep them in your prayer pocket.

Add a design on the back and you're done!

Visit the Baha'i Downloads page for instructions, prayers, quotes, and photos.