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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt

Recent Photos

Star Dancing

A fantasy lullabye tale about a family that dances the moonlight mambo to the tunes of twinkling star musicians.

The Ice Cream Man

A family history story about my dad, who brings ice cream home in his fat black briefcase.

Morning Story

A bookmaking project about early morning activities to get ready for school.

Kissing Pollywogs

From a series of poems for children:

I kiss parents. I kiss dogs. I draw the line at baby frogs. My brother on the other hand, just why I’ll never understand, likes pets that live in ponds and bogs. His favorites are the polliwogs. He goes upstairs each afternoon and picks each one up with a spoon, and says: "Hello" to them by name. To me they all just look the same. He gives each one a little poke. I’m serious. It’s not a joke! But when I see him pucker up— I‘m glad I have a brand new pup!

Inuit Folk Tale

The story of Sedna, the mythical mother of all sea creatures.

Memory Maps

Visual memoirs: a map showing the route from my home to school. (Greenaway Drive School, Springfield MA)