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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt


Explore geometry and design with these creative and colorful book projects. Play games with puzzle books. Design your own quilt books and connect geometry with American history. Have fun with rulers and compasses in pentangle star books. Learn the secret of the magic flexigon.

Language Arts

A variety of book forms can be used to showcase poetry, non-fiction and narrative writing projects.

POETRY: Malaysian pantoum poem describing a memorable moment.

NON-FICTION: Students explore animals

FICTION: Illustrated Story Books


Make habitat books and nature journals to explore the natural world. Take your journal into the field, then turn your observations into art by creating a visual poetry book. Combine research, observation, drawing and language arts.

Shown above:

            Accordion River Book and Mountain Book

            Mini Nature Journals with stick binding

            Diamond carrying pouch

Social Studies

Travel Pack Books

Travel books can be used to tell a story about a journey, or to create a report about a specific country. Multiple books can be housed in a "Travel Pack" wallet.

Seen above:

  • Passport-Travel Journal
  • Personal Map Book
  • Diamond Pouch

Suitcase Books

Write travel stories in this folding suitcase book. An accordion book with four pockets will hold many small books and travel brochures. Wrap-around cover ties closed with a string.