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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt

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Travel Books

Use these travel books to tell a story about a journey, or to create a report about a country.

Passport – Travel Journal: Create a mini travel journal with a rubber band binding. Learn to use a storyboard to plan your page layout. Fill your pages with narratives, poetry, drawings and maps of your journey.

Magic Map Book: Draw a personal map. Make it accurate or silly. Add some decorative borders and a fancy cartouche. Learn the magic map-fold and create an "explosion" book with a clamshell cover and velcro closure.

Travel Pack Research Project: Make a set of books and a diamond carrying pouch with pockets to keep your books safe on your journey. Research a country that you want to learn about and use your travel books to make a report. Requires multiple sessions.

Suitcase Book

Write travel stories in this folding suitcase book. An accordion book with four pockets will hold many small books and travel brochures. Wrap-around cover ties closed with a string.