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Bookmaking and Creative Arts Workshops with Artist Jeannie Hunt

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World Beat Books

Explore multicultural book projects that combine book structures, poetry forms, folk art and ornamental designs from a variety of cultures and religions around the world. Workshops can contain one or more of these projects.

Painted Prayers project inspired by the ceremonial rice paintings made by women in rural India to bless the home and family.

Fortune Cards project inspired by cultural traditions of Chinese New Year. Cards with Chinese characters, zodiac symbols, and wishes of good fortune slip into pockets.

Blessing Book accordion project inspired by bark-paper books and ceremonial paper dolls made by Shaman in mountains of Mexico.

Wish for the World scroll project inspired by Ethiopian Magic Scrolls that are used for protection and healing, and are worn in a pouch around the neck.

Honor the Earth lotus project inspired by Native American cultural traditions: four directions, and poetry that talks to the Earth.

Capture a Moment accordion screen project inspired by the Pantoum, a repeating poetry form from Malaysia, and cut-paper illustrations

Bamboo Book inspired by Asian stab bindings and traditional Japanese Haiku poetry.

Palm Leaf Poetry Books are inspired by books made in SE Asia. Narrow slats are woven together.